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by Randy Piper

Live the Life

People come into Poseidon Adventures Ltd. every day and say that Tulsa, Oklahoma is a place that they never expected to see a dive store, especially as well stocked as this one. They are also surprised to hear that lots of people take their scuba diving lessons here, ranging in levels from beginner to instructor.

"Can I make money as a PADI Instructor" is a question that is often posed. If the bottom line is whether there is money to be made or not, then the simple answer is "yes". There are numerous opportunities out there for a diver as a PADI Instructor. At certain times of the year, Poseidon Adventures has 7 instructors teaching classes.

There are jobs available all over the world for PADI Dive Instructors, many of these in fascinating parts of the world. If anything, as a PADI Dive Instructor, an individual would have the option of a second profession, be able to write off equipment purchases and make additional money through a part time job. In recent studies, scuba diving was rated as the sport generating the most amount of interest, as more people are discovering the wonder of diving. Further, Poseidon Adventures Ltd. Offers accelerated classes so that our students can get from point A to B in a relatively short time. Another plus of the Poseidon Instructor course is that our students spend more time studying just the essentials and thus become more competent through our professional format.

In Tulsa a diver can become an Instructor by attending our: + Advanced Open Water Course + Rescue Diver Course + Divemaster Course + Instructor Course + Evaluation

It should be noted however that a diver needs the proper number of dives to finish all the way through these courses. We also have other courses in the interim that will not be as intense, but all Poseidon courses are structured to provide the diver with the maximum amount of pertinent information while allowing the most benefit in all details.

Are you qualified? Call Poseidon Adventures Ltd. today at 749-DIVE and let our active Course Director and Master Instructor staff give you the details. The industry is crying out for more professional people and we want you to join the adventure. CALL TODAY!