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by Randy Piper

Live the Life

People come into Poseidon Adventures Ltd. every day and say that Tulsa, Oklahoma is a place that they never expected to see a dive store, especially as well stocked as this one. They are also surprised to hear that lots of people take their scuba diving lessons here, ranging in levels from beginner to instructor.

"Can I make money as a PADI Instructor" is a que...

Thermal Protection

by Randy Piper

How To Choose A Wet Suit

The two reasons that divers use an exposure suit of some kind is to prevent heat loss and to protect their skin from cuts and abrasions. There are three kinds of exposure suits on the market: body suits, wet suits, and dry suits. It is the wet suit, however, that is the topic of interest for this examination.

Water conducts heat away from the body 25...

Why You Should Own

by Randy Piper

Choosing, Mask, Fins and Snorkel

Tiger Woods can play golf with any set of clubs and does well. But, if one of professional golf's biggest stars faces a challenging tournament, the better his equipment the more adept his playing will be when it counts. Rightly, the scenario is the same with diving and scuba equipment. The better one's mask and fins are, the more fun and easier y...

Are You a Responsible Diver?

by Randy Piper

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you dive within the limits of your ability and training? If you have not been diving for a while, have you taken a refresher course recently? Poseidon offers the course for $50.00, a small price to practice your skills. Poseidon promotes continuing education. If you are doing specialized diving have you taken the time to be trained by a professional? ...
An Alternative Air Source

by Randy Piper

Have you ever been underwater on a dive and had your buddy come up to you, with a wide-eyed look, spit out his/her regulator, give you a quick out of air signal, and pull your air source out of your mouth? It will only happen once because when you are grabbed, in this scenario, it feels like Andre the Giant has latched on to you and he won't let go! To prevent this scene, a diver only has...

Ancient Seals

by Randy Piper

In October of 2003, Pat Broderick and I were at the BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL) graduation of Class 246. This was 35 years and 200 classes after we had graduated from Class 46 in 1968 and 11 out of 18 of my classmates were there to cheer on the new SEAL's and reacquaint ourselves with Teammates from that era long past. While passing the time reminiscing, Pat and I were talking ...

Seagoing Language For Us Land-locked Landlubbers

by Randy Piper

All floors are decks, walls are bulkheads, ceilings are overheads, stairs are ladders, ropes are line and the wheel is the helm. Any ideas where you are? This is the terminology of the seagoing vessel.

The front of the boat is referred to as the bow, a term that comes from the old German word meaning "to bend or to curve"?. The bow area is also called the head and that's why the shi...


by Randy Piper

Our classes run Monday and Wednesday from 6-10 pm for two weeks, or weekend courses that go Saturday and Sunday from 8-5. This is a total of 16 hours. We also have an accelerated class where you can complete all the requirements for certification in 3 days. There is no referral option for the accelerated class.

If you were to take one of the two week options the classes would break down li...

Just the facts

by Randy Piper

I hear a lot about safety and diving when people are getting ready to take a scuba class. Let me say right off the bat, this is one of the safest sports in the world today, and if anyone is promoting themselves as safety conscious it is Poseidon. At your diving "PAL" we know that every professional teaches safe scuba diving, so your primary concern should be no hassles wherever you dive. Poseid...

Quality is our game

by Randy Piper

Poseidon Adventures is your one stop Scuba adventure store. We can start you on a life altering experience that will really get you pumped about the underwater world. Did you know that close to 70% of the earth’s surface is water? That’s why, from outer space, the pictures make this world look like a big blue marble.

We will not only teach you to dive, but sell you the right gear you need ...

Scuba Diving Safety

by Randy Piper

While safety is important for all of us, Scuba diving is one of the safest sports out there. However, since it’s not in the area of the mainstream sports, an accident becomes high profile very quickly. In addition to that, some Instructors use it inappropriately to promote their Scuba classes. All Scuba Instructors care about their students. It’s ludicrous to think that money is the primary mot...


by Randy Piper

Bonaire - Wind Jammer (Mairi Bhan) It is listed in Lloyd's Wreck Returns for the year 1912 - she was carrying a load of asphalt from Trinidad to Marseille, France. Barclay, Curle and Company built her in Glasgow, Scotland in 1874 for Englishman Paul MacIntyre. The three masted iron bark clipper ship was constructed to ship goods from New Delhi to London. She was 239 feet long, had a 37-fo...