Poseidon Adventures Blog



by Randy Piper

Our classes run Monday and Wednesday from 6-10 pm for two weeks, or weekend courses that go Saturday and Sunday from 8-5. This is a total of 16 hours. We also have an accelerated class where you can complete all the requirements for certification in 3 days. There is no referral option for the accelerated class.

If you were to take one of the two week options the classes would break down like this:

Class One: The first 4 hours in the classroom going over the first 3 chapters in your Open Water manual. You start at home with a DVD, then we go over the knowledge reviews that you completed at home. Plus, a hands on demonstration covering the equipment and what you need to know to be safe and have fun in the water.

Class Two: The second 4 hours will be accomplishing skills needed to become an Open Water Diver in our on-site, heated pool. This makes things extremely convenient for you, because you don’t have to travel all over town, while lugging your equipment to find the pool that might be outside and will not be heated to 86 degrees. Plus, you can see how your mask, fins and snorkel will work for you. If you purchase them as a package from us, not only do you get 10% off, but also the ability to exchange the equipment for whatever the price is if it doesn’t work for you. So, by having the pool here, you get the chance to try another piece of gear if it doesn’t work for you.

Class Three: The following session will cover the last two chapters of the manual and a complete review.

Class Four: The last pool session will review what you learned, plus going over some new skills and practicing exactly what you will be accomplishing at your open water dives.

The four open water dives offer you even more variety. You can take a referral and finish them on your trip, or come with us to one of the beautiful lakes in this area. Our objective is to give you the most fun for your hard earned money. All of the scuba equipment, including the books. However, the mask, fins and snorkel are personal items that you need/want wherever you dive. You need to provide your own transportation and lodging.

Class Price $250.00 Mask, fins, snorkel & boots package deduction - 10%

The accelerated class starts in the pool on Friday at 6pm. Then to the classroom Saturday morning at 8am. On to a local Lake, Saturday afternoon. Back in the pool Sunday morning and back to the lake, Sunday afternoon. As you can see, this is an intense weekend. There is no time for remediation.

Purchase of mask, fins, snorkel and boots as a package earns you 10% off the price and is what we recommend, since those are items you will need anyway, wherever you go. In addition to that, you know those items will fit you when you go on your trip. So you’re not wasting money renting those things that need to fit you properly. A mask price ranges from $50 to $90. A pair of open heel fins made for scuba diving goes from $59 to $189 and a snorkel price is $15 to $50. We sell quality equipment on an individual basis, because packages of all three don’t allow each of these items to fit you properly.

We listen to people all the time telling us how their open water instructor was the best thing since sliced cheese. We’re not going to mince words; we know we’re good. We pay very little attention to someone who says his or her first scuba Instructor could not be surpassed. Especially if it wasn’t a PADI Class. PADI Instructors have been trained how to teach. Their methods and educational materials are state of the art and far surpass the teaching philosophy and books of any other agency. We’re not just blowing smoke here; we have gone through classes and seminars with other agencies. We are willing to learn wherever the course or training is being held, but PADI is the worldwide scuba agency that is the most widely recognized in the world. It teaches 70-80% of the people in the world. You can take a chance with another agency, but as the commercial says, “If you want a car like a BMW, buy a BMW”. Besides, not all agencies are recognized throughout the world and you might not be able to get your tank filled without a major certification card, or you might have to pay more money to dive, as you’ll be required to dive with an instructor. Why take a chance, go with the winners, go with PADI.

If you decide to take a referral, you just finish the class and pool sections of the training for only $250 and still receive 10% off, when you buy your mask, fins, snorkel and boots from us. Then finish your dives on your trip for whatever they charge. PADI Instructors are available throughout the world and we can help you set up your whole trip, or any part of it. You will need to finish the dives within 6 months of finishing your class and pool. After six months, you’ll need to complete a refresher course prior to accomplishing your open water dives. After one year, you’ll need to retake your class again.