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Are You a Responsible Diver?

Are You a Responsible Diver?

by Randy Piper

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you dive within the limits of your ability and training? If you have not been diving for a while, have you taken a refresher course recently? Poseidon offers the course for $50.00, a small price to practice your skills. Poseidon promotes continuing education. If you are doing specialized diving have you taken the time to be trained by a professional?
  • Do you evaluate the conditions and check the local professional when the area is unfamiliar? It is important that you understand the conditions of the dive locations. If your are unfamiliar with dive location, check with the local professionals as to the conditions such as currents and tides. Postpone the dive if conditions are too rough or above your abilities.
  • Are you familiar with your equipment and do you have it serviced on a regular basis? For example, if you are wreck diving, you need more that just training. Specialized equipment is required as well as the ability to utilize it. Equipment needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Your regulator needs to be serviced yearly even if you have not used it in the last year. This will keep your warranty current also. An alternate air source along with a low-pressure buoyancy control inflation system should be on every set of gear used. Writing down the amount of weight that you use each dive along with equipment used will allow you to better control your buoyancy.
  • Do you dive with a buddy at all times? You should plan your dive with your buddy and dive your plan. If trouble arises you should know what steps to take. We at Poseidon feel that Rescue Diver is the most important class that you can take. If an uncertified diver asks to use your equipment, deny them use of the gear for the obvious reason. Explain that the local Dive Center will be more than happy to give them classes in Scuba Diving. Do you accept the responsibility for your own safety on every dive? Remember the importance of maintaining good mental and physical fitness for diving. Do NOT dive while under the influence of drink and drugs. Most importantly learn proper buoyancy.
  • Are you environmentally conscious on every dive? Coral is a living creature that can take 100 years to grow one inch. Be careful of what you touch underwater. Touch the Sea is a wonderful book about interacting with the ocean environment.

Be aware and have fun while pursuing the sport of diving. Take the time to reacquaint yourself with diving.