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Just the facts

Just the facts

by Randy Piper

I hear a lot about safety and diving when people are getting ready to take a scuba class. Let me say right off the bat, this is one of the safest sports in the world today, and if anyone is promoting themselves as safety conscious it is Poseidon. At your diving "PAL" we know that every professional teaches safe scuba diving, so your primary concern should be no hassles wherever you dive. Poseidon can guarantee this with PADI's internationally recognized card. Don't get stuck with seconds or agencies that you have never heard of, go for the tried and proven, go for PADI.

The following are a number of reasons why you should choose "PAL" for your classes:

  1. We are professionals in the SCUBA business, FULL time, not part-time.
  2. Everyone dealing with Poseidon is coming to us for fun. We will give you that security and fun without treating you like you are just another number or boot camp all over again.
  3. By training PADI Instructors we stay current with all information needed for beginning SCUBA.
  4. With our facility at 3916 South Peoria, we have an on site pool designed for SCUBA Instruction and for your convenience.
  5. The cost is currently $250.00 and group discounts are available.
  6. Private, group or accelerated classes are available to meet your busy schedule.
  7. We have a discount on the mask, fins, snorkel and boots that you will need for your class.
  8. Classes are Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 2 weeks from 6pm to 10pm. Also Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. We have accelerated and private classes available as well. The dives in the lake are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, or on a private basis.
  9. You want to sign up about a week before the class starts. That way you have time to read the book, fill out the knowledge reviews and watch the DVD.

Those are just some of the reasons why you should start diving with Poseidon and why we have certified more people through us than anyone else in this area.


course price
Open Water Diver $250.00
Advanced Open Water $150.00
Rescue Diver $185.00
CPR/First Aid $70.00
Specialties $60.00 - $300.00
Refresher $50.00